• Ez-Pi Plus - tensiometer

เครื่องวัดแรงตึงผิว (Tensiometer)


Kibron offers a wide selection of instruments for measurement of surface and interfacial tension. All Kibron tensiometer models and measuring techniques are based on our precise force sensor. Kibron tensiometers are suitable for measuring surface tension, interfacial tension, dynamic contact angles and critical micelle concentration on very low sample volumes.

Ez-Pi Plus - tensiometer

A versatile force tensiometer

Kibron EZ-PI Plus was designed and built with reliability and ease of use in mind. EZ-PI Plus is compact size, and easy to move. State-of-the-art sensor technology with excellent resolution, connection for water bath, and intuitive user interface.

Accurate and fast surface and interfacial tension measurements

  • A high precision instrument for research
  • Surface tension, oil/water interfacial tension, and contact angle measurements
  • Measures samples with high viscosity (Wilhelmy technique combined with small diameter probe). Currently tested to 100 000 mPas (Newtonian),
  • An easy to use tensiometer for educational purposes, no special training needed
  • An ideal instrument for the metal plating industry
  • Excellent for oil refineries for the monitoring of sour water
  • ASTM D 1331 - 14

Contact angle measurements

  • Advancing and receding contact angle
  • Wetting measurements of single fibers, for example textile, hair and reinforcement fibers down to 1 µm diameter
  • Connects to water bath for temperature control

  • Principle of operation:minituarized Du-Noüy/ Wilhemly
    Measuring range:1-350 mN/m
    Accuracy/sensitivity:0.01 mN/m
    Resolution:0.001 mN/m (0.2 µg) for 0-100 mg sensor and 0.003 mN/m (0.6 µg) for 0-300 mg sensor
    Sample cup material:Polypropylene / Glass / Teflon
    Sample volume:0.5-3 ml std (stainless steel vial 25 - 50 microliter available on request )
    Maximum viscosity:60 000 cP (Newtonian)
    Weight:1.3 kg
    Dimensions:26 x 8 x 16 cm (10.2 x 3.1 x 6.3 in)
    Average time per measurement:Around 30 seconds
    Temperature control0-100 °C, connects to circulating bath
    Power/communication:Power is supplied through the same USB port used for communication


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Ez-Pi Plus - tensiometer

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