The C 1 static jacket oxygen bomb calorimeter represents a giant leap forward in calorimeter technology by featuring a high degree of automation in a compact design; the smallest calorimeter footprint available. 
It operates according to DIN 51900 and ISO 1928. The temperature readings are analyzed according to the classical isoperibol method of Regnault Pfaundler. 
The traditionally known, comparably heavy screw threaded decomposition vessel, has been replaced by a light and easily attachable combustion chamber. 
Due to the variety of different interfaces (PC, balance, printer) this unit is easily adaptable depending on the customer’s specific application needs. Further adaption to data management and LIMS is possible with our calorimeter software C 6040 Calwin (Accessory). 

The C 1 Package 1/10 contains the C 1 Calorimeter (inclusive standard combustion chamber C 1.10) and the cooling water supply unit RC 2 basic. 

The unit contains all parts necessary to set up the unit. We also supply wear parts and consumables for the first approximately 500 experiments including 25 calibrations. The C 1.10 combsution chamber is equipped with the C 5010.5 large crucible holder and C 6 large quartz crucible. 

Technical Data:

Measuring range max.40000 J
Measuring mode adiabatic 22°Cno
Measuring mode dynamic 22°Cno
Measuring mode isoperibol 22°Cno
Measuring mode static jacket 22°Cyes
Measuring mode adiabatic 25°Cno
Measuring mode dynamic 25°Cno
Measuring mode isoperibol 25°Cno
Measuring mode static jacket 25°Cno
Measuring mode adiabatic 30°Cno
Measuring mode dynamic 30°Cno
Measuring mode isoperibol 30°Cno
Measuring mode static jacket 30°Cyes
Measuring mode double dry (ISO 1928)no
Measurements/h static jacket4
Reproducibility static jacke (1g benzoic acid NBS39i)0.15 %RSD
Working temperature min.20 °C
Working temperature max.30 °C
Temperature measurement resolution0.0001 K
Cooling medium temperature min.18 °C
Cooling medium temperature max.29 °C
Cooling medium permissible operating pressure1.5 bar
Cooling mediumtap water
Type of coolingflow
Flow rate min.50 l/h
Flow rate max.60 l/h
Rec. flow rate at 18°C55 l/h
Oxygen operating pressure max.40 bar
Interface scaleRS232
Interface printerRS232
Interface PCRS232
Interface test rackno
Interface ext. monitorno
Interface ext. keyboardno
Oxygen fillingyes
Decomposition detectionno
Decomposition vessel C 5010no
Decomposition vessel C 5012no
Decomposition vessel C 7010no
Decomposition vessel C 7012no
Decomposition vessel C 6010no
Decomposition vessel C 6012no
Decomposition vessel C 62no
Decomposition vessel integratedyes
Analysis according to DIN 51900yes
Analysis according to ASTM D240no
Analysis according to ASTM D4809no
Analysis according to ASTM D1989no
Analysis according to ASTM D5468no
Analysis according to ASTM D5865no
Analysis according to ASTM E711no
Analysis according to ISO 1928yes
Analysis according to BS 1016no
Dimensions (W x H x D)290 x 280 x 300 mm
Weight15 kg
Permissible ambient temperature5 - 40 °C
Permissible relative humidity80 %
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529IP 20
RS 232 interfaceyes
USB interfaceyes
Analog outputno
Voltage100 - 240 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power input120 W


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